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Warranty Procedures

How to Obtain Warranty Parts and Service

1. In order to be eligible for any warranty parts or service from Dyaco Canada Inc., your unit must have been purchased in Canada and be registered with Dyaco Canada Inc. Registration can be obtained by calling the parts and service at 1-888-707-1880 or by filling out and submitting this form. In order to register by either method, you MUST have your serial number available. In some cases, Dyaco Canada Inc. may require a proof of purchase to register the equipment.

2. When warranty parts or service are needed, you should only contact your purchasing dealer if you have been instructed to do so, or if you know they are an authorized provider of warranty service for Dyaco Canada Inc. Otherwise, please call 1-888-707-1880 for all service related questions or issues. When you contact Customer Service, please have your serial number available. It is also helpful if you can call while you are with the equipment. Our parts and service will work to diagnose your problem over the phone and send the necessary replacement parts in order to return your unit to working order. If an on-site technician is required to install those parts, the parts and service will also dispatch a local service company to complete the repair process if the labour portion of your warranty is still active.

3. Once your replacement parts have shipped, you should receive a phone call from a authorized local technician that has been assigned to your case. The local technician or authorized service provider will coordinate and schedule the best time to have the repairs completed. At that point your case will be escalated to ensure contact is made and an appointment is scheduled.

4. Because the manufacturer's warranty periods for parts and labour are different, you may experience a situation in the future where the needed replacement parts are covered under warranty, but the labour to install the needed parts is not. In those cases, our parts and service department will gladly speak to and offer instructions to any on-site employee you deem capable of completing the repairs, or we will provide you with the name and phone number for a local technician that can be hired to complete the repairs..

5. In some instances, Dyaco Canada Inc. may ask for the return of the defective part that was replaced. Please place the old part in the box and affix the return label to facilitate this item being shipped back to Dyaco Canada Inc.

6. If you have any questions regarding the warranty coverage for your specific unit, you will find the details in your owner's manual or on our website. Simply follow the link below to obtain this information:

Spirit Medical Owner's Manuals

7. Once the warranty period for parts and labour has expired, Dyaco Canada Inc. is still here to provide the necessary support for your equipment. We can and will provide advice and guidance to any issues or problems you may have for the lifetime of your equipment. We will also continue to maintain an inventory of replacement parts that can be purchased if needed. With proper care and maintenance, your Spirit Medical equipment should provide many years of therapeutic services.