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"My wife has Parkinson's and had a knee replacement as well. We are familiar with this type of equipment through physical therapy and needed one delivered to out home. The MS300 meets all of our needs. We are both enjoying the machine."
– Jack M, Seattle, Washington

"I am extremely happy with this machine. My MS300 is a beautiful addition to our home gym. I look forward to many years of use on this equipment."
– Sam A, New York

"I did a ton of research before selecting a model for my clinic. I have to say I was blown away by the design and functionality of the MS350. Highly recommend."
– Jeff L, Texas

"We were looking for a piece of equipment for my husband after he suffered a stroke. The MS300 is very easy for him to get in and out of as he has limited mobility. The seat gives him a lot of support as well. Very happy with this product."
– Connie H, California

"The Spirit Medical MS350 is an ingenious design and a solid build. We have been using it for a few weeks now and absolutely love it!"
– Terri H, California


"Hello, my name is Israel Colon and I am the President of Fitness Equipment Broker. We specialize in fitness and rehabilitation equipment. We love the design of the M series from Spirit Medical. Spirit Medical has done an amazing job with the ergonomics and functionality of these pieces. The MS300 and MS350 have quickly become some of our most sought after equipment."
– Israel Colon, President, Fitness Equipment Broker, Los Angeles, California

"The Spirit medical products provide clinicians with tools to address many of the conditions they treat safely and effectively. Easy ingress and egress, low starting resistances and speeds, and extreme reliability. Especially useful in our fracture reduction program is the Spirit MT200 gait analysis treadmill, which allows us to assess gait, symmetry, and bio-mechanics while walking forwards, backwards, uphill or downhill. Orthopedically, the MT200's height and width adjustable safety rails and retro walking ability facilitate early post acute interventions with a variety of patients."
– Dean Sbragia, CEO, Medical Fitness Solutions, Fallbrook, California